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Our mission is to build beautiful, high-performance homes that bring your core values to life.

About Black Rock Builders

Black Rock Builders was founded to create legacy homes, that tread lightly on the environment. Our mission is to build beautiful, high-performance homes, that bring your core values to life. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the energy efficiency of your home due to cost. We believe that each home built sustainably today has a positive impact on the future of our earth, and take craftsman’s pride in all aspects of the process, from foundation to frame. More…

Off-Grid Blog

Off-Grid Solar Array & Battery Bank In Waldo, Maine

Welcome back to the Off-Grid Blog! We are so happy to share the details on this solar installation we just completed in Waldo, Maine. All utilities for this home are running on the 6-kilowatt roof-mounted solar array connected to SOL-ARK hybrid inverter/charge controller/automatic transfer switch, paired with 2 kilovault HAB 7.5 KWH lithium batteries (with a total storage capacity of 15 KWH). This roof-mounted system provides all power to this off-grid home, there is an auto generator back-up to cover any instances where the solar can't keep up with the demand (during any short, dark winter days). More...

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