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Our Services

Our Zero Energy Consulting services pull from the knowledge gained while building our many and ever growing list of completed Zero Energy homes. Due to a lack of experienced high performance builders, we offer crucial consulting services to you AND your contractor. Informed homeowners want proven results and that’s what we have established.

Company owners are available to consult with you and/or your local builder regarding step by step directions and assistance in choosing the right products, procedures, and mechanicals needed for your specific build. We will assist with material and mechanical selection during the planning phase of the job, we will
also make site visits for hands on training in critical areas such as air seal and maintaining a true thermal break. We then inspect, test, and verify targets are reached before starting the next phase. Should there be deficiencies or problem areas, we will identify and correct them.

Through Zero Energy Consulting we will assist you with any or all of the following:

  • Subsurface insulation, vapor barrier, and air barrier selection and placement.
  • Framing assembly selection and application.
  • Air and vapor barrier selection, location, and application.
  • Air Sealing To 0.6-1.5 Act at 50 pascal. Focused specific material selection, location, and application.
  • Establishing and Maintaining true Thermal Breaks.
  • Insulation selection, sizing, and application.
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation/Heat Recovery, Hot Water, and Solar, equipment selection, placement, sizing, and sourcing.
  • Selection of Sustainable, Renewable, Durable, and low V.O.C. finishes.