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Off-Grid Solar Array & Battery Bank In Waldo, Maine

Welcome back to the Off-Grid Blog! We are so happy to share the details on this solar installation we just completed in Waldo, Maine. All utilities for this home are running on the 6-kilowatt roof-mounted solar array connected to SOL-ARK hybrid inverter/charge controller/automatic transfer switch, paired with 2 kilovault HAB 7.5 KWH lithium batteries (with a total storage capacity of 15 KWH). This roof-mounted system provides all power to this off-grid home, there is an auto generator back-up to cover any instances where the solar can't keep up with the demand (during any short, dark winter days).

This home is a cellulose filled, double-wall construction, making for a low energy demand even on the coldest days in Maine.  The nearest existing power pole is a quarter-mile from this site, so we were able to install this off-grid system for the same cost as installing new poles and extending the grid to the site.

From the inside, you would never know this is an off-grid home – all outlets and switches are AC, which is the same found in any traditional grid-tied home.  All light fixtures are low-voltage, appliances and well pump were chosen with efficiency and low draw in mind and to promote longevity of the battery bank.  In the past, living off-grid meant using minimal electrical draws and a more primitive lifestyle, but due to recent advances in battery technology, it now has become possible to achieve all conveniences of a modern-day home, without power from the electric utility company grid.

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