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Building Off-Grid In Maine

We are proud to share with you our current project in Waldo, Maine!

After pricing out the grid-tied option, running power down a secluded road, it was a cost driven decision to invest in off-grid solar as the main source of power. Back up is a propane generator for times when there is either no sun for extended periods, or excess demand -this will eliminate lags, and the inverter system will start the generator automatically when the batteries get depleted beyond a set point.

Construction is a super insulated envelope with dense packed cellulose. Each home we build is blower door tested to Passive Haus standards. We strive to give our customers an exceptionally efficient home with a low BTU requirement for ease of heating and cooling as well as overall comfort.

A bonus of this construction is that the thick walls eliminate outside sound for a peaceful environment inside.

Venmar HRVs (air exchanger) do the work of cycling fresh air in and out of the home.


We consistently see that the biggest barrier to off grid new construction in Maine is financing.

Traditional mortgages require homes to be on the grid.

These mortgages also do not recognize heat pumps as a primary source of heat, although that is indeed what they are. We do add electric baseboard and identify that as the primary source although the mini splits are certainly carrying the BTU load. In our next blog we will share how our Waldo homeowner was able to navigate this challenge and secure a loan for his off grid project with a local bank!

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